Troop ranking based on strength:

1. Fire Mage

2. Cavalry

3. Spear-Thrower

4. Frost Mage

5. Berserker

6. Archer

7. Fighter

8. Spearman

9. Preistess/Cleric

Types of Troops

Basic Troop Types Appearance


Fighters are the most basic troop type.  They are mainly used to protect Spearmen, Berserkers, and other ranged troops.

W 1049


Spearmen can attack enemies two rows away.  His HP isn't that high though, so they should be protected behind Fighters.

W 1050


Archers can attack from a long distance.  You should place troops in front to protect them as they have low HP.

W 1052


Berserkers can deal a lot of damage, and they have high HP to boot.  Put them in the third row to make use of their ranged attacks.  Put Calvalries in front of them.

W 1051


Low level Clerics and Priestesses are not that useful in later levels, so don't forget to upgrade them! They should  be placed behind Fire mages and Cavalries.  They cannot tank well so you should protect them! You can also use Cleric with Spear-throwers. 

W 1053